Why do I need a Disaster Recovery solution?

Without Disaster Recovery Planning, a business may be forced to close some or all of their operations for a period of time. If this happens, the business will see increased expenditure and potential loss of assets and business data.

No business can be completely protected against IT disasters. You can have all the precautions possible in place, but there’s still a chance that something that strike that puts precious data in jeopardy. Without a structured and tested disaster recovery plan in place, these unforeseen events can bring the day-to-day operations of your business to a halt.

54% of UK companies have been hit by Ransomware. 60% of these attacks demand ransoms of over £1,000. 

What are the top causes of data loss?

There are wide-ranging reasons for Disaster Recovery, including unexpected updates, fires, power outages and human errors. The most common reasons are connected to everyday activity - the way we store and handle data. 

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How do I protect my business?

The best approach to protect your business is a multi-layered one. This should incorporate educating your employees; keeping software updated; and having a robust and tested Disaster Recovery plan in place. 

Planning for business disaster recovery will save you valuable time and money. It will also give you peace of mind that your business can continue to function in any eventuality. 

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How MTech can help

Disaster Recovery Plan

Our IT consultants will work closely with your business to formulate a robust Disaster Recovery plan. We will design and document a set of procedures, tailored to your business, that will ensure regular backups of your valuable data.  This means that whatever happens – whether it’s a user error, a Malware attack or even a natural disaster – your business can be back up and running as quickly as possible with minimal loss of data.

A disaster recovery plan will typically cover any area where IT is fundamental to keeping your business operating. This includes applications networks, server and data storage.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

MTech have been using market leading backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for over eight years. We implement, manage and monitor backups continually to ensure that all of your business data is protected.  

Getting backup and disaster recovery right takes time. At MTech, there are a few minimum standards we like to see our clients adopt. This includes hourly local backups with encrypted daily backups transferred to at least one offsite location, preferably also to a cloud environment. We also advocate a solid disaster recovery plan, in place and tested so everyone is aware of the reliability and time taken to invoke a failover system.

We have successfully restored systems for many of our clients when they have suffered server failures, and regularly restore files and folders for customers when they call in.

MTech implements StorageCraft backup solutions for our customers. This is because of their exceptional flexibility, reliability and GDPR compliance benefits.

Which solution is right for you?

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What's included?

  • Servers backed up to a local resource (Hard Drive or NAS)
  • Overnight transfers of backups to our offsite backup store
  • Full annual Disaster Recovery test


What's included?

  • Servers backed up to a local resource (Hard Drive or NAS)
  • Overnight transfers of backups to our offsite backup store
  • Full annual Disaster Recovery test
  • Backup files also sent to the cloud, allowing your servers to be restored to the cloud significantly faster. 
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