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Enable Therapy Services - Case Study

About Enable Therapy

Enable Therapy Services was founded by Julie in 2008. They act as a single point of contact to provide and co-ordinate a range of nationwide rehabilitation support services, bringing both short term and long-term care to individuals and their families. As Occupational Therapists, they look at both physical and mental health to provide a holistic assessment.

The company has expanded year on year, and they now have over 200 Occupational Therapists working for Enable Therapy across the UK.

"We have worked with MTech for many years and we have a very close working relationship with them. It feels like they are part of the company – we even refer to them as the IT department of Enable Therapy!"

What business challenges has Enable Therapy faced?
Our network of Occupational Therapists provide their services remotely and are based all over the country. The highly confidential and sensitive work we do means that it was incredibly important to have a robust IT infrastructure that can handle the management of patient data safely and securely whilst allowing us to communicate seamlessly with each other.

As the business has expanded, we have begun to target larger insurance organisations to work with, which often have more stringent security requirements. Because of this, we have a growing requirement to ensure our procedures conform to national and international data security standards. Having this level of certification enables us to confidently tender for business from these larger organisations.
How has MTech helped you overcome these challenges?

We have worked with MTech for many years and we have a very close working relationship with them. It feels like they are part of the company – we even refer to them as the IT department of Enable Therapy! Because they work so closely with us, the solutions and advice that they offer are bespoke to our needs and are really flexible as our requirements change.  

MTech has built an IT infrastructure for us that we are confident is as safe and secure as it possibly can be. For example, they have ensured all our mobile devices are encrypted. This means that if any of our employees’ laptop was lost or stolen, no one would be able to access the files on that computer.

MTech have also rolled out Microsoft SharePoint to all our OT network staff. SharePoint is a vital tool for us, as it has given us a confidential, centralised space to manage and share referrals, which is protected by the highest cloud security. It has greatly reduced the risk of sensitive information getting into the hands of the wrong people. It also allows us to create a seamless process so that we can keep track of what’s happening at all times. 

Everyone's favourite staff member, Barney!
Recently, MTech has helped us to become Cyber Essentials certified for the year. This has increasingly become a requirement for us for contracts and tenders and helps us to meet the needs of our customers, so we’re really pleased to have passed. We’ll be working with Rob at MTech to get Cyber Essentials Plus certified next year to show our continued dedication to cyber security.

MTech has also helped us digitise our HR processes. For example, when we employ a new Occupational Therapist, we can do all due diligence online. We have Mimecast set up on our email, so documentation such as DBS checks, HTPC and references can all safely be sent electronically.

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