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Cyber Essentials Certification
For organisations of all sizes, Cyber Essentials offers a thorough and affordable step towards basic cyber security. Being certified greatly mitigates the risks faced to your business -  reducing the risk of attack from internet-borne threats by up to 80%.

Customers are becoming increasingly likely to ask whether your business is cyber-secured. Cyber Essentials is a great way to prove this to your customers.

How we can help
What is Cyber Essentials?
Cyber Essentials is a government-run scheme, designed to help British organisations, of any size, protect themselves against common business threats. It identifies technical security controls that an organisation needs to have in place.

As an information security standard, the Cyber Essentials scheme offers a level of assurance and comes in two levels: Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials PLUS. The programme sets out 5 key technical controls to help businesses with cyber protection. Cyber attacks come in many shapes and sizes, but the vast majority are very basic in nature, carried out by relatively unskilled individuals. The Cyber Essentials scheme is designed to help you protect against these attacks. 
What are the benefits ?
  • Identify and Mitigate Risks to your business

    Cyber Essentials helps businesses to identify the risks it faces when it comes to cyber security.

  • Gain added protection from Cyber Threats

    Cyber Essentials ensures the right setup and processes are in place to protect you from a wide variety of the most common cyber attacks.

  • Reassure customers

    Cyber Essentials is industry recognised and shows a high level of compliance. As a result, many high value tenders now require the certification.

  • Follow GDPR guidelines

    Under GDPR legislation, business owners are solely responsible for the security of clients data. Cyber Essentials helps you to manage this by identifying weaknesses and putting processes in place.

How does it work?
The process covers the five key areas of business security outlined by Cyber Essentials:

Boundary Firewall and Internet: Firewalls and gateways offer protection to your network and help keep you safe whilst you’re on the internet. 

Secure Configuration: The correct configuration of security measures is required in order to protect you against hackers. 

Patch Management: Patch management is about keeping software on computers and network devices up to date and capable of resisting cyber-attacks.

Malware Protection: This is software that would be installed on your computer as a last line of defence against a wide range of malware.

Access Control: Access controls prevents the malicious use of employee accounts, such as a rogue staff member downloading private client data or accidental sharing of confidential files.
Compare Levels of Certification

Cyber Essentials

This certification is awarded on the basis of a verified self-assessment. To achieve this the business needs to put in place a series of detailed policies and processes, which take time to assess and implement. 

MTech can help you to then undertake your assessment. One of our senior technicians will complete your questionnaire on your behalf to ensure that all certification criteria has been achieved. 

Standard is ideal for businesses who:
  • Wish to display commitment to cyber security to customers and suppliers.

  • Require demonstrative evidence of their commitment to cyber security for a tender process.

  • Want to demonstrate Government-backed IT Security compliance.

  • May wish to complement their ISO 27001 certification, where appropriate. 

Cyber Essentials Plus 

This is an upgraded version of the Standard certification, and can only be obtained after that has been awarded. 

This certification is given by an external assessor and offers a higher level of assurance. A thorough security scan of the network is undertaken as part of the process and all vulnerabilities are identified.

Plus is ideal for businesses who:
  • Are looking to tender for large value projects.

  • Work with highly regulated industries.

  • Are wanting to demonstrate their full commitment to cyber security.

  • May wish to complement their ISO 27001 certification, where appropriate. 

How MTech can help
Whether you wish to complete the standard or Plus level of the Cyber Essentials certification, you'll need to dedicate valuable time and resource. MTech can help by undertaking your assessment for you and ensuring you have the right policies and processes in place.

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