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What is my fraud and risk exposure?

Cyber attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. No matter the size of your business, it's essential that you are aware of the latest risks that could affect your business; and how robust your IT infrasture is in preventing and dealing with attacks. 

What is IT Risk?

IT risk encompasses any potential events that could negatively influence your company's objectives. Understanding what these events could be and how they could manifest, and taking steps to mitigate them, is vital for ensuring future success.

There will always be the risk that a staff member could install a virus – the methods used to infiltrate businesses are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Whilst the immediate responsibility to negate that risk lies with whoever you have entrusted your company’s IT security to, the ultimate ownership is yours.   

With the right advice and guidance, you can put best practice processes in place to ensure this risk is greatly reduced with minimal consequences to your business. 

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"MTech certainly opened our eyes to IT risk and now we have the peace of mind that we are covered to ensure our business can continue no matter what disaster may strike" 

Nigel Chambers, Leeds Rugby

What is IT Fraud?

IT Fraud is a type of risk that all modern organisations face, regardless of their size or industry. With rapid developments in technology and higher value data stored on IT systems, the risks of fraud are more relevant to companies than ever. As a result of malicious activity, your company could lose vast amounts of money, as well as both customer and internal data. Not only this, fraud can significantly and irreparably damage your company’s image and reputation.

There are many different types of fraud, including:

  • Asset misappropriation (false invoicing, payroll fraud etc).
  • Corruption (bribes, conflicts of interests etc).
  • Fraudulent statements (falsifying documents etc).

The most commonly used method of initiating IT fraud is via email. Phishing emails are increasingly common in the workplace, often imitating genuine emails sent by Microsoft, logistics companies or banks.

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How MTech can help protect your business

Diagnose your current security

Our trained engineers can visit your business and run an audit on your current IT security, identifying any areas where you may be vulnerable and checking your security is compliant and up to date. We can then help you to work through any found issues and offer suitable solutions, so you can feel fully confident in the security of your business. 

Email protection  

MTech protects your business by installing, configuring and maintaining the market leading cloud-based email security for you and your staff. By utilising security measures such as encryption, security policies and content filtering, we can ensure your company has the best defence against common email attacks.

Antivirus software 

Our industry-leading antivirus software works as a last line of defense, protecting you and your employees’ data from both old and new threats. Updated daily, our software will protect your devices no matter where your staff are located and will notify our helpdesk as soon as a virus is detected to ensure no further damage is caused. 

Cyber Essentials

We ensure your systems and devices are always up to date, protected and following best practices. By running government and industry approved Cyber Essentials assessments every year, we can give you and your customers peace of mind. 

Business Continuity Solutions

No business can be completely protected against IT disasters. Without a structured and tested disaster recovery plan in place, unforeseen events can bring the day-to-day operations of your business to a halt. MTech can help ensure business continuity by maintaining a fail-safe disaster recovery plan, minimising the impact on your business if things go wrong. 

Case Study - Enable Therapy

"MTech has built an IT infrastructure for us that we are confident is as safe and secure as it possibly can be."

Enable Therapy has over 2oo Occupational Therapists working remotely across the UK. The highly confidential and sensitive work they do means that it is incredibly important to have a robust IT infrastructure that can handle the management of patient data safely and securely whilst allowing them to communicate seamlessly with each other.

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