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The right telephony and communications solutions can enable your business to run more effectively by optimising processes and increasing productivity. What makes the right telephony solution for your business depends on its size, geography and complexity. Increasingly, companies are looking for cloud-based, flexible alternatives that are more adaptive and responsive, whilst reducing overheads.

We can help you by finding the right solutions for your business, setting up and maintaining your telephony.

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Leased Lines
Does your business relies heavily on the internet to perform your business functions? Are you currently dealing with frequent downtime and/or slow internet connections? If so, then a leased line is a great option for you.

A leased line is a line that's solely for your business. It is called a "leased line" because you are leasing the dedicated broadband connection just for your business. It gives you a super-fast connection that is fully dedicated to your business - no sharing with any other users! 

Benefits include:
  • No sharing with other companies, meaning your connection and speed isn't being compromised
  • Direct connection to the internet - meaning high internet speeds, including high upload and download speeds
  • Better speed and bandwidth consistency 
  • Increased efficiency for home workers with improved upload speeds

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ADSL Broadband
Standard Broadband has a variety of options: 
  • ADSL/ADSL2 - this is the traditional/slower type of broadband, with copper wires all the way to the exchange
  • VDSL/FTTC - this has fibre to the local "green box" and then copper to the building and is generally a lot faster
  • FTTP - Fibre To The Premises - this is very high speed broadband and includes a fibre connection all the way to the building
It is important to note that the SLA / Service Level should be raised for any business for an additional cost - as the standard offering has no guarantees around fix times if it goes down.

Benefits of broadband:
  • Extremely cost-effective way to access the internet 
  • Minimal installation maintenance or cost 
  • Service levels can be raised to increase reliability

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VoIP Hosted Telephony

Voice over Internet Protocol

Choosing a VoIP solution means your phone system is housed in the cloud, rather than physically in your office. This removes the need for costly hardware or leased lines, increasing flexibility and reducing upfront costs. 

This solution is great for businesses of all sizes, including call centres and customer support, and businesses that support flexible working. Get in touch to find out more. 

Benefits include:
  • No upfront equipment costs
  • Centralise communications into a single virtual platform
  • Increased flexibility, with the ability to choose a solution for your specific business needs
  • High availability
  • Reliable and secure

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