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How to make the most of Microsoft Teams

Our latest ebook

Do you feel like your using Teams to its potential? 

Whilst it's a great platform for communicating with staff and clients remotely, it has so many other features and integrations you may not be aware of. With Microsoft updating the platform on a weekly basis, it can be really difficult to work out which features to use and how best to use them. 

That's why we've put together this essential guide to Microsoft Teams – helping you and your colleagues get the most out of the platform. Click the link below to access it:

Our Ultimate Teams Guide

Navigating the New Normal

Flexible Working is here to stay

The last year has transformed the way practically all businesses work, and the majority have seen the benefits that home working can bring. While we should hopefully achieve some normality in the coming the months, the future for many businessses is flexible working. 

Our ebook explores:

  • Setting staff up for both home and office working safely and securely, relevant not only for COVID-19 lockdowns but for more permanent shifts to flexible working. 
  • Keeping staff happy, productive and communicating throughout, finding the right blend between face to face interactions and online

Our Guide to Flexible Working

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