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The challenge of cloud-based data security
When you're an organisation working with a lot of digital data, you should consider and be wary about how exactly you want to store this data securely, and how you will go about recovering it. This is especially important as the cloud and cloud-based software applications are becoming more significant as well as our reliance on them. SaaS backups are the answer to this challenge. 

What is a SaaS backup?

SaaS backup is the process of securely backing up data stored within cloud-based applications. Many businesses rely on SaaS solutions. These platforms are incredibly convinient as well as accessible, but they may not offer comprehensive backup and recovery options.

A SaaS backup is designed to counter this challenge by creating copies of your SaaS application data and storing them in a separate, secure location managed by whoever is providing the backup on your behalf.

The biggest questions surrounding SaaS Backups


How can we use Arcserve SaaS backup to look after your data?

Arcserve SaaS Backup

Using Arcserve SaaS Backup, we have streamlined the safeguarding of data against system failures and security threats, while ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. We have achieved this without incurring premium costs, at the same time helping to contribute to the optimisation of backup and recovery efficiency.

Securing your confidence

Arcserve SaaS Backup conducts automatic backups of your used cloud-based platforms twice daily. If you require specific data, we can utilise the user-friendly web-based portal to locate and restore it in an instant. We will provide you with a link, allowing you to independently restore the file yourselves. Through this approach, we provide customers with the confidence to protect their information and also allows you to fulful legal requirements seamlessly and simultaneously as you progress in your cloud journey.

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