What is my business worth?

It may not be worth anything if you don’t protect your digital assets.

Your digital assets may be on local servers or in the cloud, and may include:

  • Your website – including products if you have an online store
  • Business processes that you and your employees have developed
  • Email contact lists and client or customer lists
  • Intellectual property—copyrighted material, trademarks or service marks (your company's logo, for example), patents.

The responsibility for these assets may lie with one person in your company, opening your business up to vulnerabilities if that person leaves.

To start protecting your assets, you need to systemise your business, and take an audit of everything you have that you would consider a digital asset. Ensure that your technology is protected and backed-up by investing in the right software for your company.

If you’re trying to grow your company, look at your capacity for scalability. Will your technology and security software be able to handle an increase in growth, or will it leave your company more open to scams and viruses?

It can be difficult to strike the perfect balance between maintaining seamless processes for staff, whilst keeping fraudsters at bay, so it’s important to get advice from experienced and knowledgeable professionals.
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