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Who are YCCC and how did we help them?
We started working with YCCC in 2010, before we support the club they had been with their old supplier for 12 years. The club was established over 150 years ago in 1863. Since then no other county in history of the game has won more trophies and produced more players for England.

The iconic and world famous Headingley cricket ground has been home to The Yorkshire county cricket club since 1890 and a venue for test matches since 1899. Since 1899 the ground has hosted 73 tests.

The challenge for our IT experts

They are currently in the process of transforming Headingley cricket ground into one of the finest cricket venues in the word. This is a phased redevelopment of the ground over the next 20 years, including installation of floodlights, the rebuilding of the North / South stands adjoining the rugby ground which will be the centrepiece of the project.

The capacity will increase from 17,000 to 20,000 in the redevelopment. Throughout this transformation MTech will assist the club with implementing new IT Systems, networking, EPOS systems and wireless solutions. 
The Solution
When we started to support YCCC in 2010, MTech managed the whole switch of providers with minimum disruption to the client. All communications and actions were dealt with and YCCC Management kept up to date with regular feedback. We provide onsite support for the major England test and the one day games.
A word from YCCC...
"MTech have been YCCC’s supplier of IT support for almost exactly 8 years. Thanks to their invaluable assistance, Emerald Headingley Cricket Ground can now proudly boast wi-fi provision for press and broadcasters that is practically unrivalled among the English and Welsh Test venues.

The Headingley stadia form what is undoubtedly a very complicated site to handle, from an IT perspective. However, they have never failed to provide us with the help and expertise required in order to allow the three professional clubs to operate efficiently.

We are all extremely grateful for the hard work that Tim, Chris and their team have put-in over the years we’ve been working together, and are certain that the relationship will continue through the current redevelop works and long into what we hope will be a highly successful new decade for us all!" 


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