Your IT Solutions

Working as a strategic partner, Mtech provide comprehensive IT support for your business.

Cost effective IT resource

Mtech provide you with a full IT Department, with Management level advice, at a fraction of the cost.

Free Consultation

Mtech can undertake a comprehensive IT Audit of all your systems, hardware & Software, network infrastructure and process management.

We’ll provide a top level, jargon free report highlighting risks and potential improvements.

Expert Support

All our engineers are Microsoft Certified and capable of implementing full Network, Server, desktop or thin client solutions for your business.

We provide you remote and on-site support, ensuring any issues are not only fixed, but steps are in place to avoid a repeat of any technical problem.

Strategic Partner

Let us become your IT Department, with a friendly professional working relationship.

As your Strategic IT partner, we’ll provide sensible, comprehensive and budget aware advice to your management.

With MTech’s IT Support – you’ll no longer have to worry…

We know that IT can be a minefield, but we’re here to provide that extra support from resolving business critical IT failures to fixing small glitches and problems. We’ve been providing IT Support to companies of all industries and sizes around Leeds and Yorkshire, for years and so understand what you require as a business to give you the peace of mind that whatever happens your IT is sorted.

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Too many companies let inexperienced IT staff install hardware and poorly thought through networks within their business. But when this falls over they often find there is no longer the knowledge or processes in place to stop a major IT disaster.

This is why using a specialist IT support business can help you plan and install your IT solutions to help you from experiencing problems in the future.

At MTech we advocate a structured, secure and flexible installation of your IT hardware and network infrastructure. Our installation approach helps with reducing risk, adds an element of future proofing to your IT, provides security and simply creates a professional set of procedures within your business.

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You can rest assured that at MTech, we know what we are doing and can lend this expertise and support to your business.

At the core of Mtech’s business is over 50 years of Corporate experience with companies such as IBM, Computer Associates, NEC Phillips, Fujitsu, Bull and HP. Bringing this level of experience and knowledge into the SME market gives Mtech an unrivalled view of best technologies, best practices and best solutions to apply to your business requirements.

Working with the leading software and hardware vendors such as Microsoft, Dell & HP as well as leading Anti-Virus and Security software providers, Mtech will be able to recommend the solution that is right for you.

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Welcome to MTech

Mtech are based in Headingley, Leeds and support the IT of a growing number of businesses across Yorkshire and the North of England. In a competitive market space, what makes us stand out is our drive and passion to be your pro-active, strategic IT partner and to really make a difference to your business.

Our friendly and professional team are focussed on delivering a 1st class, IT support service. Working in partnership with a number of major software vendors and local businesses, we can provide SME’s with end -to -end, comprehensive solutions. From telecoms, websites and marketing through to software and hardware selection, provision, installation and configuration, we are able to manage your IT systems and networks allowing you to focus on your core business.