Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning

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IT Disaster Recovery Planning
In order to appropriately plan a disaster recovery response, we audit your existing processes in conjunction with identified areas of risk. We are then able to recommend and install appropriate software such as StorageCraft – a backup system which allows each individual server to be backed up every hour. 

We consolidate these back-ups in our encrypted, secure off site back up array. Every change is then validated to ensure there is no possibility of backup failure and the whole chain is revalidated regularly both on site and at MTech.  

This process mitigates the possibility of manual error as there are no manual backups. It also removes the possibility of corruption and ensures that, in the unlikely event that a file is lost or something happens to a file, a copy can be found and supplied within five minutes at any time.  

Should a server fail, we are able to switch to a backup disaster recovery server in order to keep your business functioning. Once this issue has been resolved, the live serves can be reinitiated causing little or no interruption to your business. 


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