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A word from Rawlins
"Over the last 10 years Rawlins Paints has seen excellent growth year on year and compared to 10 years ago we must have grown to be 3 or 4 times the size we were when we first started with MTech.

MTech have offered us fantastic support, knowledge and advice throughout the course of our working relationship and have helped Rawlins continue to grow and adapt to ever changing technology requirements."

Who are Rawlins and how did we help them?
MTech have support Rawlins paints since 2012 however Rawlins themselves have been establish since 1873. They are a family run business with around 139 years of experience, advising and supply paint to the trade industry.

Rawlins stock thousands of fire retardant paints and sprays, intumescent paints for steel and cast iron, heat resistant paints and coloured coatings, hygienic coatings, high-end industrial floor paints, chemically resistant systems, exterior and all-weather cladding paints, safety and security coatings for commercial and industrial purposes, emergency roof paints and repair materials, concrete and garage floor paint, anti-slip solutions and more.

The challenge for our IT experts

Throughout the 6 years we have supported Rawlins we have provided them with a variety of equipment to meet their end user’s needs. We have recently configured a brand new SonicWALL for them in order to increase their network security which is an option we are offering all our clients. Rawlins have recently just updated their website and introduce new products to the vast number of products they already offer from a variety of different manufacturers.

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