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Here at MTech, we have made annual Disaster Recovery (DR) tests mandatory for all of our customers, as we proactively advise all our clients on best practice.
An annual DR test is an essential element of an effective business continuity plan. As part of the test process, we create a bespoke plan for each business and run through each step of it, analysing the effectiveness, reliability and speed of all Servers being restored, logging their recovery times.
As studies continue to show, businesses of any size can be at risk of collapsing or suffering significant financial issues following substantial data loss, ransomware attacks or physical loss of Server access. This makes disaster recovery testing a vital component of any company’s overarching business plan. Unfortunately, even if you have all the right technology and planning in place, it is still not possible to tell if your DR is fit for purpose without regular testing.
As a result, we have restructured our DR plans available to customers so that no matter which plan a customer chooses, they will have an annual DR test as standard. This ensures that every business we help has an adequate level of business continuity planning in place.
Following every successful test, our customers receive a completed DR test certificate and full report, both of which can be used as required by our customers as proof of sufficient disaster recovery planning for large tenders, contract bids and to reduce insurance premiums.
For more information about our available plans, go to our dedicated backup and DR page 

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