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Depending upon which newspaper you pick up, (ignoring tabloids) it will sway your view. Still the “re-moaners” are calling for another vote and the “Brexiters” are convinced Chequers is national humiliation and capitulation to Brussels. How do you make sense of something which you know little about in reality. We can only inform ourselves over the media spin placed in front of us, on which is a massively complicated subject.
The liberal left wing elite use this complication as an excuse that the British public could not understand when they voted and should not have had the question asked of them. Blackadder springs to mind, and why Baldrick did not get a vote in 1815 as he would be eating dung for dinner. It appears the universal suffrage is only for those whom are deemed bright enough according to some. Or worse, old people should not get a vote as it will not affect them (or me) as we will die soon and we are ruining the future of our Europhile youth.
Then the hard nose Eurosceptics, interestingly mostly in Northern labour voting towns, accuse the current elite of ignoring them and their wishes for too long. The indigenous working class feel neglected. As in America with the rise of Mr Trump, they have spoken sending shock waves across the world. The wish to take back control they say. But what does that mean? Then the hard right Conservative untie in this view, but are in danger of sounding like someone whom has too many at the golf club bar. I could go on, but will not. Instead, I will get to my point.
Technology is Brexit. Confusing. Disjointed. Spun by many inside and outside your organisation. Those whom identify with a movement will die in a ditch to convince you that Apple beats Microsoft, or desktops are gone, or we are all going to be replaced by AI. The Russians are hacking us as I type, and disaster recovery is something which, like Baldrick, is a vote. We need it, but do not know in reality why or what we are meant to do with it. There are some people whom should not be allowed the responsibility of technology….I am one of those people.
I always write about an outfit which act for me, like our hero of this story, Blackadder. Mtech give you a plan so cunning you can brush your teeth with it. For technology and making money, increasing and protecting the value of your business they are perfect. I think they know nothing about Brexit. But then, who does?
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