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Leading IT support and consultancy provider, MTech is delighted to announce they have recently gained a place on the Technology Services 3 Framework as a compliant and Government approved supplier.
MTech is now one of the approved suppliers on the UK Government CCS Technology Services 3 framework. This provides a direct procurement channel for Government and Public Sector organisations to purchase goods and services from vetted and approved suppliers. Contracting authorities using the framework can be confident that they are selecting a supplier who has been through a thorough compliance process.
The TS3 framework is divided into Lots, each of these representing a different product or service.

MTech were successful in bidding for the following lots:
  • Lot 1 - Technology Strategy and Services Design.
  • Lot 2 - Transition and Transformation.
  • Lot 3a - Operational Services - End User Services.
  • Lot 3b - Operational Services - Operational Management Services.
  • Lot 3c - Operational Services - Technical Management.
  • Lot 3d - Operational Services - Application and Data Management.
“We are delighted to have successfully gained a place on the Technology Services 3 framework. It is testament to the fantastic job our whole team delivers on a daily basis to its customers. Our mission is to support and advise businesses to interpret changing technology, and we welcome the opportunity to provide this to the public sector. We are looking forward to working with local and central government bodies to implement successful IT projects, delivering benefits across the public sector.”
Chris Cadge, Sales Director, MTech

Renowned for their straight-talking, no-jargon approach to IT, MTech focuses on the bigger picture through their ability to provide expert advice and support across a wide range of IT projects and services. This enables businesses to adapt and innovate whilst remaining protected against IT risk to achieve their growth plans.
When companies outsource their IT support with MTech, they can expect to collaborate closely to reach a secure and effective IT infrastructure. MTech ensures that any IT migration is seamless as possible allowing organisations to focus on the core of their business

As part of the Government framework process, MTech contracted the services of Government business specialists, GovData, to manage their full end-to-end submission process.

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