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I don’t know about you; but whenever I watch Grand Designs and there’s YET ANOTHER episode whereby one of the owners, who’s day job is in Graphic Design or Accountancy (Or Running an IT Support business, before anyone in those two industries complain I’m picking on them!) decide, all of a sudden, that they are more than qualified to Project Manage the whole build. I get quite annoyed!

Yes, they want control over the final decisions, after all it IS their money (and house!) but, as our beloved Kevin regularly points out, they’re NOT used to dealing with the complexities and mechanics of everything that goes into building a house. Especially a big, fancy one.

What generally happens next? Well – Lo and behold, we witness stress, strain, anguish and ‘hair pulling out’ despair as the build inevitably goes over timescales and WELL over budget. How many times have we seen Kevin ask, “What was your original budget?” “£500,000” says the proud owner of a (admittedly impressive) new house. “And what was the final cost?” to which a slightly sheepish owner usually responds; “About £650,000 but …” and then justifies it costing another £150K when, we all know (as does Kevin) paying £20,000 for an experienced Project Manager would probably have averted this overspend … with the same results … In less time … and with less stress.

So, why don’t we always do this in business?

We’re currently heavily involved in the incredible revamp of The Emerald Headingley Stadium. Working under the main contractor, Caddick Construction, whose Project Management team are very impressive and professional, managing this exceptionally complex £43 Million build whilst continuing to enable Rugby League, Rugby Union and Cricket games to all be played, before maximised crowds.

They have turned to us to advise and manage the also complex, renewal and reworking of the Stadium's networking; enabling a new fibre network and improved speeds and coverage of the internal network and public WiFi around the site. Why have they turned to us?

Because we know what we’re doing with I.T., we know the site, we know the end user requirements, we know the areas of risk, we know the pitfalls if 3rd parties aren’t properly advised, we understand what is needed to make sure that, when the final fix of both new stands is complete and opened to the public, not only will it look fantastic, not only will the views be amazing, not only will the facilities be a huge improvement …the I.T. will work and that worry is taken out of the equation.

If you have any aspect of a building move or fit out, from an I.T. perspective we have qualified Project Managers available to make sure this just works and doesn’t add to your worries during what is, undoubtedly, a huge strain and, potential risk, to the business.

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