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Our mystery blogger is married to Jane with four children and lives in the Lake District. He works with a national IT consulting, support and engineering company. He knows nothing about IT. He drinks too much, get annoyed by those who take pride in being offended and loves rugby and cricket nearly as much as his children. He goes by the initials WSC after his hero, Winston Churchill. 

I am a fan of cricket.

Played the game through all my youth, until the 4 kids arrived. With a Scottish wife, explaining why anyone would play a game that lasts all day, with the majority of players just stood around was a hard task. Jane did not understand. She knew many loved it, we would almost go to war against the Aussies over it, but it has never been a Highland favourite. 

The Ashes have now finished, and what a debacle. 4 – 0. The post mortem has begun. In summary, we are crap over there, they appear normal over here, and we can now beat them on home soil, just. For Root, the Captain, change is required. The old assets, top run scorer Cook and wicket taker Anderson must surely be feeling dated.
A lack of understanding for some, change and progress being inevitable is a familiar theme with technology, people and your business. Your systems have served you well no doubt, and built success.

In your staff mix you may have a cocky self-assured member, who bangs on about clouds, VPN’s, bitcoin and that you should have an Apple. You cling to them for knowledge, but you know, like Stokes maybe, they can win you the game or equally give you a sore head (hopefully metaphorically).
Your IT manager is less Stokes and more Ali. Not quite a top order batsman, but useful. Not even a first-choice spinner, but he fixes the printer. He thinks Stokes drinks too much, but really, is slightly jealous of his wider skill set.
You my friend are Root. Your Directors are Jane and don’t understand. All you know is that technology for your business is going to either make it thrive or you will repeat the same old patterns of slow growth and see-saw results. Win some, lose some.
You need a plan to win away from home in an Ashes series, and must make damn sure you win at home. Your current kit is creaking like Anderson’s sore back, and the remote working gets stuck like Cook getting out Lbw. Do you change, and what is the plan?
You may well need a new Director of cricket. We could even convince Jane.
WSC - January 2018.
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