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Do you even know if your business has been affected by malicious hackers or security breaches?

Sadly, quite a lot of you have and you may not even know it – we’ve seen a sharp increase in “sleeper attacks” recently – where it could be weeks or possibly even months before you can see that you’ve been hacked. It’s yet another reminder to take cyber security seriously and take proactive steps to defend your business against security risks and attacks.

Whether it’s by brute force or a more sophisticated approach, we’ve seen first-hand the devastation that these attacks can bring. That’s one of the reasons why I am so passionate about ensuring our customers continue to have the knowledge and tools they need to protect their assets. When we advise our customers to take 5 essential cyber security tests, we mean it. So much so, we follow the same advice ourselves:

  1. Diagnosing current security – By visiting your business and running an audit on your current IT security, we can identify any areas where you may be vulnerable. We can then help you to work through any found issues and offer suitable solutions tailored to your business.

  2. Assessing your email protection – We firmly believe in what we say, so much so we utilise most of the products we advise to our clients. We use Mimecast, who provide us with monthly updates on what protection we are receiving, the figures are common throughout all business. 

  3. Installing industry-leading antivirus – A real “last line of defence”, our industry-leading antivirus software offers protection against both old and new types of malware.

  4. Ensuring Business Continuity – Unfortunately, no business can be completely protected against IT disasters. Without a structured and tested disaster recovery plan in place, unforeseen events can bring the day-to-day operations of your business to a halt. MTech can help ensure business continuity by maintaining a fail-safe disaster recovery plan, minimising the impact on your business if things go wrong.

  5. Undertaking Cyber Essentials assessments – You can prevent up to 80% of cyber attacks by getting your Cyber Essentials certification. It’s also becoming increasingly common to have demonstrative evidence of a commitment to cyber security as part of a tender or business insurance process. Cyber Essentials is a great way to prove this to your customers and partners – but achieving this takes valuable time and resource. We can help by undertaking your assessment for you and ensuring you have the right policies and processes in place.
Going through these 5 steps is a sure-fire way to defend your business against the evolving cyber security threats for the year ahead. If you’re keen to discuss the IT Security needs of your business please get in touch.

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