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For the past year, MTech have worked in partnership with Kicheche Community Trust to provide laptops and computers to the Mara Discovery and Empowerment Centre in Norok, Kenya.

The Centre focuses on community empowerment - preserving local heritage whilst empowering growth through education. IT plays a key role in the Centre’s training programmes; the computers donated by MTech are for the students of these.

The partnership was formed following a visit to the Kicheche camps by our Technical Director, Chris Cadge. Chris says, “Having visited Kenya in the Summer of 2018, and spent some time with the wonderful people, I wanted to find a way to help and support the Kicheche charity with their educational aims. This was a great way for MTech to get involved and make links with a very worthwhile cause.”

Hudson Saiglu, Kicheche Community Trust Coordinator, said “For a while now, we’ve had a high problem with a lack of adequate computers for the students at the Mara Discovery Centre. Now that this problem has been fully solved, it’s benefited not only the students, but also made a considerable difference to the Mara Discovery Centre as well. We can’t thank you enough.”

MTech will continue to work with Kicheche Community Trust on an ongoing basis.
Call 0113 897 0999
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