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Often, the choice between keeping an in-house IT department or outsourcing your IT, is seen as a binary either/or choice.

Yet there is a third option – why not combine both?

Many companies we work with combine the two and get fantastic results. Sometimes, companies approach us who have an existing IT department, or IT Manager, but need additional IT support:
  • For a large technical project.
  • To keep costs down.
  • Take care of the first line, helpdesk, side of things – Allowing their existing to focus on internal development, without getting dragged into the day to day ‘firefighting’
With many businesses looking ahead to the future post-pandemic, it’s a good time to reassess your IT requirements, and potentially consider a hybrid approach.

How to decide – in house, outsourced, or a hybrid of the two?

By proactively reviewing your current IT environment, you can start to get an idea of areas where you can improve efficiency, lower costs, and find opportunities for growth. From this, you can determine your KPIs and plan how these KPIs are met.
At this point, you may find out that it might actually make more sense to:

  • Go hybrid: use an outsourced IT company to help support your in-house team, or

  • Go fully outsourced: exclusively look at an outsourced IT department.

With a hybrid IT support environment, you can benefit from always having staff on-site – but without needing to employ a large number of engineers.

For example, you may find it beneficial for your in-house IT team to continue performing day-to-day IT functions whilst you overhaul your IT security, or move your server to the cloud, and would benefit from the technical expertise and flexibility of an outsourced IT company.

Or, if an IT team is relatively small you may have concerns that if a key member of that group leaves the business, your whole IT infrastructure may be compromised. As a result, you may find it beneficial to outsource certain functions to avoid the panic of having to replace a great employee if they decide to resign.

In both these cases, a hybrid approach would be an ideal solution.

The combination of IT support teams combines the advantages of both, whilst leaving with you with very few disadvantages. To ensure no added complexity, regular communication and clear distinctions between the responsibilities of the involved parties, helps make this move simple and relatively seamless. 

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