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The English RFU have committed £443 million investment into the game to secure its future at all levels. That is a 30% increase. Grass roots, senior game and international squads will all benefit. It will be needed as well. Players know their price. We are not in the football arena yet, and I hope and pray we do not go down the route with the trappings and player behaviour which follows. Rugby is special because of the principles of the game. Money erodes principles.

But will it make us win? The world cup in 2019 is the first test, and the Union has eyes on 2023. 

The main rival is New Zealand. Less cash, less players. Culture and broad skill sets win All Black rugby matches. Basics done better than the competition and the clever stuff likewise. The shirt is a religion, hanging on many walls like a cross. All in the country practice this idolatry. The national team comes first for the clubs, and all in the game and those associated feel every scrum, tackle and outrageously good pass and off load their talent machine turns out. 

If your business wants to win like the All Blacks, skills sets will rely and develop with technology, and your culture must embrace the two. The basics will be better with the correct, unfaltering use of something as simple as Microsoft 365. Across your organisation it will make every day working as solid and efficient as the All Black breakdown. 

Do not think just high investment alone will work. Get the basics and the culture right first from a technology point of view, and then review how you increase the investment. 

WSC April 2018
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